Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sometimes it's just too much

You know - there's some days I wonder why ... I know people say "god doesn't give you more than you can handle (I'm an atheist anyway) but how much is one person suppse to take?  Right now I have to deal with an illness no ones' been able to diagnose for 2 1/2 years now which now affects my ability to work and type and write and I have to walk with a cane - you name it.  My husband just FINALLY got a job after being unemployed for 9 months, and our marriage is failing.  My 4 year old has been acting out with behavioral issues and now has to see a child psychologist, my mother is in Alabama dieing of cancer while up up here bedridden in Wisconsin, I'm STILL behind on my bills and on the verge of losing my car, I had 2 fradulent chargebacks to my business account last month and now my disease has gotten worse.

So if there is a God - he must think I'm superwoman!

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