Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Okay - so I've still got to vent about men

So my exe's daughter called me yesterday to let me know that her dad told her we weren't seeing each other anymore.  She asked if we could still talk and of course I said yes - her dad might have broken up with me but I'm not going to break her heart.  So then she proceeds to tell me that her dad more or less told her I would come between them and that I'm a bad mom and that's why he broke up with me.


Okay - so I didn't say one bad thing about him to my kids when I told my kids we broke up.  Not ONE bad thing.  He is raising one child on his own and is NOT by any stretch of the imagination a perfect parent as there is no such thing as a perfect parent (and btw - there's a lot of his parenting that I don't agree with but it's not my place to tell him how to parent his daughter).  I did ask her what she thought and she said she thought I was a great mom so atleast he didn't tarnish me in her eyes, I would just die if she thought I was a bad mom.

I AM a good mom.  I am raising 4 boys by myself ranging in ages 5 to 14, the youngest has behavioral problems and my 10 year old has ADHD Inattentive type, this on top of being disabled because of autoimmune diseases.  The last two months I had to go through hell just to get where we are today.  HE's the one who rekindled us, not me - and then he just changes his mind and tells hid daughter those things???  I have always made it very clear to him that kids come first so I don't know why he would say I would come between him and his daughter.

What the hell is it with men?  Where do they get this stuff?  Are there little voices in their heads that feed them this crap?  He's saying things I never said, denying things he did - just like my ex husband and the ex husband before that.  Boy can I pick them!  Are they all just Bi-Polar?  Can a man explain this to me because I'm about to officially group him with the rest of the dogs I've had in my life.  This is definately NOT the man I fell in love with 3 years ago, and because I let him go 3 years ago when I got sick, I think he's just making me pay for that, even though I've already paid for it 10-fold.

Can I get a man's opinion on this because I'm completely floored!

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