Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When you're starting all over again ....

So - I've been blogging about my journey through this disease, the divorce and the various trials and tribulations of my life.  It's great therapy and I've learned that starting all over again (again!) teaches you something new each and everytime.

I had to go buy a car yesterday since the ex totaled his truck and I had to give him back the van he had given me (I know - but there was no way he had the money to go get one himself).  I found a great deal on a very old Lexus from a wonderful guy in Independence - Nelsons Auto - Loren Nelson.  Great guy!  I felt like crap when I got out there but he's just one of those people that make you laugh and laugh until your side splits. Me and him are going to be doing a lot of business since I've got 4 boys who'll be needing cars over the next 10 years.  What I like is that, even having to surrender my Mazda 6, the stress of not having that payment helped.  This car - I own outright, no payments, cheap insurance, I bought it myself, in my name and a man cannot tell me what to do with it.  Mine all mine - I'll post pics later today.  It may be old but it's still in good shape!

So then I got home with the car and put my 14 year old to work cleaning it for me - big mistake.  I'll be cleaning it myself today.  I laid down for a bit and got up sick as a dog.  Puking, aching, nerve pain - HUGE flare up out of nowhere.  I think I just overdid it going out to Indee to get the car, plus having problems with the 14 year old for 3 days, etc.

But today - much more positive.  I have an apartment that's mine all mine, a car that is mine all mine, my boys, and today - I was able to get up and out of bed.  That can't be half bad can it?

I got a wonderful quote from a facebook friend of mine the other day that I tweeted on all of my accounts it so wonderful.  I'd like to share it with you, too:

Everyday has it's own beauty if we just take the time to open our hearts and minds and embrace the peace within the chaos that abounds - Mary Moorhouse.

I keep those words with me everyday now - and I hope you will too!  Once again - thanks for the wonderful and inspiring words Mary!

Love, Tam

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