Thursday, February 24, 2011

OMG, A day from hell but atleast I got to see the doctor today!

With everything that could go wrong today going wrong, you would have thought today was a freakin' Monday.  I was sick as a dog yesterday, last night and woke up this morning still sick and in so much pain I broke down and took my pain pills about 5am this morning.  The pain was in my lower back again, and once again, it wasn't muscular - so I don't know if it's hip/spine or if it's my kidneys.  I spent as much time on my heating pad to see if I could get the pain to ease before the kids got up.  My bedroom is upstairs and I couldn't walk let alone get down the stairs to get them off to school.  When I got the kids up at 6 - I still couldn't walk so I, unfortunately, had to ask Dakota to help get the kids off to school.  I hate asking for his help, especially since he through it in my face Monday when he and I got into it.  But I had no choice this morning.  And of course, wouldn't you know it?  DJ decided he wasn't going to get ready for school - so it was a major fight to get him ready and out the door in time.  Add to that the fact that my ex-husband had to give me a ride to today's doctors appointment so I would be stuck with him all morning and it makes for the start of a lovely day, doesn't it?

My neurology appointment was at 10am this morning.  Now, when the lady at my doctor's office called to tell me when my appointment was and with whom, she said it was at Luther Midelfort.  I asked, "Down by Sacred  Heart?" and she answered "Yes."  So, this morning at 10 til 10 I arrived at Luther Midelfort for my neurology appointment and guess what?  NO neurology department.  We had to go to patient services and have her call to the downtown Luther to ask them if we could still get into my appointment if we headed down there right then and they said that they would have to reschedule me.  Just great - as if I hadn't waited long enough just for this appointment.  I explained to the lady at the desk that I was told wrong by my doctor's office and she relayed that to the office on the phone and tried to find me an appointment for today - and lucky for me she succeeded.  They were able to get me in at 2:20 this afternoon.  So then I just had to figured out how to kill a few hours in Eau Claire to keep from driving 40 minutes back home, then 40 minutes back to Eau Claire.  Somehow, I managed but I had to spend all freakin' day with my ex-husband and that drove me absolutely nuts.  It got so bad I actually asked him "you know how people are knocked stupid when hit upside the head with a rock?  I wonder if it would knock you smart?".

So, I finally got to see Dr. Y at 2:30.  I like him.  At first, I wasn't sure if he was taking me seriously, it was hard to tell, but when my ex-husband verified everything I told him about the spasms, what Dr. M said and the black outs, spells, break-throughs, insomnia - he seemed like he wanted to get to the bottom of it as much as I did.  His plan of action is to do an EMG (he was surprised that none of my doctors had done one yet with all the complaints of nerve problems) and a sleep study to find out why I have insomnia.  He's also getting the records from my last hospital stay to find out what they decided had happened.  I told him they told me that they didn't find anything, but I don't have any notes from it so hopefully he can find something in there.   I feel good about the plan, but he's keeping me on the meds until after all of that, which I cannot stand.  They make me so sick but he said they are at least doing something to help my symptoms.

Just before my doctor's appointment, I had called Dr. G's office to get my clonozepam refilled (needs authorization).  The nurse took my information and said she would call me back to let me know when they get authorized.  Well, she called me back just minutes after I called which was a shock because it's taken up to 2 days before when I've called.  Anyway, she said that she called the pharmacy and that the pharmacy told her I still had a refill there.  I told her that my med bottle said no refills and she insisted the pharmacy said I had one.  So after my appointment we went to the pharmacy (at 5pm - Dr. G's office closed at 4:30pm).  Guess what?  No clonozepam.  The pharmacist said the nurse called about my pain meds, not the clonozepam.  Great - let's just hope I don't have any break-throughs because I will jump out a window, I swear.

Then, I come home and the kids are fighting still, and as of now they still are.  All I want to do is go to bed and pretend I'm all alone.  There's only so much I can take, but an entire day with Dean when I'm already sick, plus the screw up of my appointment and my refill, and fighting kids and a kitchen full of dirty dishes - yep - it's a bit much for me today.

Let's hope tomorrow's better, huh? LOL  At least I still have a sense of humor because if I didn't I would have killed someone today, more than likely Dean would have been my poor victim (just kidding I think).


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