Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Rest Of My SSDI Rant Video

I haven't been able to write more on my blog - I've been so sick and so tired.  My sleep deprivation finally caught up with me.  Since typing is very painful I decided to start using my video. This is the rest of the SSDI rant I started last week:

My doctor also asked me to start a daily med journal so when I start my immunosuppressants he'll be able to see the progress and we can tell if it's working or not (please keep your fingers crossed that it does).  You are welcome to read it, too - After three years of this I would rather my story be out there and hope that it helps someone else like me.  You can read it in my  Google Docs

I also uploaded my photo album of my medical photos - it shows what the disease is doing to me and directly contradicts what SSDI has said about my symptoms not being true.  My photo album is in my Picasa Web Album

I keep another blog for I Wanna Get Well and I'll be uploading another video there that is my story, or atleast the start of it.  I made the video a few months ago and it's just sat on my computer.  I think it's time to show it.  It's only half of my story - all of this wears me out so I can only do a little at a time - even writing this little bit has taken me 20 minutes.  What a joke this has become.  When I die I can only hope that my story will make a difference and that doctors may open their eyes.  Here's hoping.

Thanks for hanging in there with me

Love Tamra

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