Monday, May 6, 2013

So Where Am I At Today? It's Been Awhile!

It's been quite sometime since I've sat down and taken the time to update my friends about where I'm at in my life right now. I thought I would take some time to do just that since it's been so long.
As many of you know, I suffer from an autoimmune disease which I'm still waiting for doctors to figure out. I do have some updates though. Just before Christmas, I moved from Durand, WI, to Plover, WI where Dean and two of my boys live. Dean and I decided to share his house to keep expenses down, which was a good thing because just after I moved, he lost his job. Don't worry - he found another one that he likes, so all ended up working out. However ....

Last summer I was taking my methotrexate shots every week, but I ended up getting very sick with bronchitis, sinusitis and tonsillitis. Because the methotrexate lowered my immune system so much, I just could not get over the itis'. So I had to come off the shots which, after a few weeks, brought back all of my autoimmune symptoms on top of the infections I was already battling. The first thing I did after moving here was find a primary care physician which took a lot for me. I absolutely did not want to leave Dr. G, but he's a 2 hour drive from Plover, so I was able to find a wonderful doctor right here in Plover. I was also able to find an ENT and I found a great Rheumatologist within 30 minutes from my home in Wausau. Between the three doctors, I was able to get my infections cleared up, my migraines reduced and my autoimmune symptoms back under control. My new Rheumy upped some of my medications and also added a new medication, Meloxican, which has helped tremendously with my arthritis and swelling. The Rheumy also updated my diagnosis and made the Fibro a primary condition as well as changing my Raynaud's Phenomenon diagnosis to Raynaud's Disease. The bad news is that he's determined that the arthritis in my hands and feet are not RA but Osteoarthritis so there is nothing they can do to stop or reverse the damage and warping of the fingers. That hit me pretty hard. I'm too young to lose my hands. So as it stands today, my Primary conditions include the unknown autoimmune, IBD, Fibro, Raynaud's Disease and Osteoarthritis in my hands, feet and back. My secondary conditions are Psoriasis and Sicca (Sjogrens) Syndrome. I use TONS of lotion in a day and it doesn't seem to do anything. But the upped meds and new medication are helping me to be able to function. I still get quite fatigued and I do ache when the weather changes, but it's now tolerable and I'm able to live!

Having a chronic illness is hard, and to be honest, I don't have much support here besides my children. I left my friends in Strum and up until a month or so ago I didn't know anyone here. I did retire from web development- I just couldn't keep up with the work or deadlines or focus very well anymore. After I retired I decided I wanted to do something to get out of the house a couple days a week just for depression's sake. So, I got a part-time job at the Walmart here. They started me in the Deli but because of problems with my feet, they moved me to the Garden Center which I absolutely love! I love the work, the people I work with and I love interacting with everyone from coworkers to customers. It has done wonders for my depression and I look forward to every day that I work.

My future is still up in the air. I'm not sure that Dean and I will ever be able to work things out. Now that both of us are working, I'm seriously thinking about getting my own place close by. The boys are growing so fast. Dakota will start his senior year next year and he's still all about football. Donovan is now taller than I am and his voice is deeper than Dean's and Dakota's put together! Derik, my preemie, is doing great. DJ, well, let's just say he's still a handful. His new doctor started him on Adderol to help with his ADD and it does help, but boy, he has personality all his own!

So as of today I am in control of my disease instead of my disease controlling me, I'm able to be the mom my boys deserve most of the time, I am getting back into a social life, I run my blogs and twitter accounts to generate ad revenue, and I'm loving life. I will continue to do as the doctors order because I know it will only help me. I am having problems with my weight so I am working hard to lose the extra padding. I feel ok for the first time in a very long time. I'm optimistic about my future now, which I couldn't say 6 months ago. I have my boys and my new friends to keep me going, and that's all I need. I tell ya - they need to make a sitcom of my crazy life, the ratings would be off the chart! LOL

Thanks for hanging in there with me and I will talk to you soon! Have a fab day! - Your Green Choice for Checks  Reserve Your Airport Parking Today!  Tiny Prints Graduation


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